torsdag den 29. oktober 2009

Silence is Golden

The market is now slightly oversold on my model - the top seems to be firmly in place and now we will await end-of-month-buying or not.

No doubt many fund managers are 'screen watching' over the next 48 hrs, potentially having to act on Monday should we take out 1050 in earnest.

It's not easy being a fund manager these days, actually never is, but 2009 the story very quickly became one of:

In 2008 we had the worst financial crisis, probably ever, and as expected 2009 became the worst year on the real economy. The numbers, the long line of unemployed confirms it.

Then the different governments decided to spend 5%-6% of GDP to 'safe the world from breaking down' but all they really did was to circle the wagons on their croonie friends in Wall Street - that's not a political statement, merely a matter of fact.

Now at the end of 2009 the banks - the major banks- are making billions on tax subsidized trading revenue (borrowing at zero with Geithner/Bernanke and placing them in...... Bernanke/Geithner long bonds) - you could say the its look very much like what a certain Madoff was doing recently, but do not let the facts come in your way.

Along the way, there was a public apology from Mr. Greenspan, effectively renouncing his Ayn Rand - Objectisvim and 'Efficient Market Hyphothesis' along the way. For many of you this may be relatively irrelevant if not for the fact that the whole principle idea of letting the market rule themselves came out of these two central "theories" - which Greenspan wholeheartdly subscribed to.

The only real issue with Ayn Rand and EMH being it leaves "morale" to the markets - and I must say: I have wrestled with the "morale" issue for a long time, but as its often the case in practical life, the answer came through observing the nature - in this case the banks, the politicians and the bureaucrats.

The conclusion: There is NO MORALE limit for people when they spend, invest, use other people money - I will even offer the preposition that man/woman generally have a lack of morale when it comes to dealing with money (and a lot of other stuff - which I will leave for your psychiatrist) but this old trader has lost all faith in the market place - the key issue remaining is the one of: What do you put in its place? I do not know - but 90% of financial people are talking non-sense, and 98% of what is produced in banks are waste not only time but also the paper its printed on - this a reality people needs to deal with, as the new world order in finance is not one where the government will come to rescue - ironic that the "free market system" most likely will be replaced by one where 'accountability' is the true measurement of success - lets see how is prepared for this down the line.

On the markets I have not traded for over a week really - got all the same positions as of last investment meeting - I'm surprised in two things:

The high level of GBP and oil keeping its bid tone - the rest is as expected and I will now await the month-end before putting further chips on the table (For those in doubt of my positions - follow the Twitters)

Safe trading,


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