torsdag den 22. oktober 2009

Frontline on the go-go 90s....

Been watching this tonight:

You have to admire the quality, the pictures, the directing of this 55 min program from PBS (my favourite TV when living in the US - actually 2nd after Yankees/Giants) - and it is a lesson in what an idiot Greenspan was.......

Brew a cup of coffee and sit down and enjoy, please!

Then a comment from a young student lecturing me on why Philosophy is no better than economics as an education - what a talented writer!

Hello Steen,

You don't know me but I have been following your blog pretty closely and we also shared the same roof for a year in saxo bank (where I still work as a sales trader while studying economics in the lovely tiny town of lund). The reason i am writting to you has nothing to do with economics it's just a warning to NOT waste your second life studying philosophy. At least not in a university. Having been to school in a country where philosophy is force fed to every student (something like finnish kids having to learn swedish) i have a few words of advice for you. Typical philosophy class goes like this:

- Teacher tells you to read text (say plato's republic, or socrates' apology if the teacher is kinky) and then write an essey about it. Then the possibilities are:

1. You don't understand it and he does not understand as well. But nietzche did understand and wrote something about it so the teacher knows how to rationalize the bad grade you will get.
2. You don't understand it but he does. He is a genious and of course he is bitter because nobody else in the world understands him, he is still virgin even though he teaches classes with 1/10 Male/Female ratios (the reason i took philosophy classes back in the old days) and worst of all he has financial problems. He fails your paper and you are not even in the mood to ask him why, just repeat the class and hope that next year it's being taught by a less clever teacher. Eventualy you get disapointed, drop out of class and study economics instead.
3. You understand it but the teacher doesn't. He pushes the button, the floor below you opens and you find yourself in a pit of crocodiles, snakes and piranhas. So long sucker, better luck in your third life!

Above all, if you decide to study philosophy anyway, do NOT do it in Greece (and preferably not in UK, sweden or germany either). Try some country that doesn't try to teach it like it's math. If you really really can't find one do this: Study MATH but only socialize with philosophy teachers. They will speak to you without seeing you as a person retarded/severely retarded/too clever to be kept alive.

by the way, very nice presentation, unfortunately in lund 90% of the time we have to hear the swedish (my correction) idiots speaking... But hey, we were founded in 1666, so all our clever guys are long dead, or retired and moved to an island house in greece which they bought back when SEK could still buy stuff.

Best regards,

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