torsdag den 22. oktober 2009

He talked with more claret than clarity.

Dear Friends,

Not that I want to impose on you my views, but often when having to do a speech you need to clarify/project your thinking more clearly..

This presentation was done with help of my good friend Olof Lindgren and my two partners Jesper Christiansen and Carsten Høgh.

The presentation took place last night at the Copenhagen Business School and hence the CV and other 'crap'... but some key take aways:

Denmark - for those of you mainly interested in out Danish view go to the back-end of the presentation.... u will find some food for thought.

Yield - for those w. mortgages... rate exposure ... the core-inflation discussion could be of interest... as it seems we will continue twds lower yields...

Stock - our 'gut' feeling and tech. model tells us.. there may be breather in this rally...around now ....whether its merely correction before higher.....will need to be seen....but 930.00 in S&P is our target for now (1100 now)

Macro - the global imbalances... are now worse than before the crisis -.. as china reserves keep rising.....

Bottom line: the world feels good.. lots of hope.. but we are afraid..this is ....the calm before the storm.. but we(I) have been wrong before..

Enjoy at least there is some good pictures in this presentation...

Download the presentation from this link:

Safe trading

Steen Jakobsen

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