onsdag den 8. april 2009

Wednesday Macro

Dear Investors,

Easter is coming - no change in positions....did small interview with Bloomberg this morning, although headline is slightly more "outragous" than my argument....and the interview stinks...but safes me from writing piece today.... http://tinyurl.com/dfqrow

Macro themes for me are now:

  1. Deflation is coming to Europe - not only Switzerland (check link: Ireland imposes emergency cuts http://tinyurl.com/dan4z5

  2. Unemployment and what it means for monetary policy, policy decisions, people quality of life, social unrest in not priced correctly.

  3. Obama - is the most overrated President in history - its all smokes and mirrors ...... (please check link: A rookie President (http://tinyurl.com/dczxyz)

  4. Banks in G-10 are insolvent - the more they claim not to be - the more they are...

  5. Time is up....for Eastern Europe - only matter of time.....

Safe trading,


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