fredag den 6. februar 2009

Change in life....

Dear Investors, Readers, Friends and Blogers,

Sorry for this being a personal note, but I have today resigned from my job as Chief Investment Officer for Saxo Bank after almost nine amazing years with the organisation. It was time for me to move on and I will later share with you where I will move next.

Now it is time for say Thank You and Goodbye to my many colleagues and friends inside- and outside Saxo Bank. It has been an honor to serve with and for you all. We have been part of a fairytale taking Saxo from less than 50 people when I joined to where it is today.

Today as it was leaked I was leaving I received so many incredible nice and personal e-mails. Thank you for all of them, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you all and I am touched that you all took time to express your feelings and views on me, our time together and the future. This but one of the many personal notes I received:

O Captain, my Captain!
our fearful trip is done,
The ship has weathered every rack
the prize we sought is won....

Thank you!

I leave Saxo Bank on excellent terms with the new management and the two owners Kim and Lars, and I wish Saxo Bank all the best in the future.

I will continue to write my blog, but you will hopefully allow me a couple of weeks for comtemplation before I return in full force March 1st.

The unemployment data today only shows how the market is firmly anchored in "hope & faith" as the bad number was being taken as guarantee for more fiscal stimulus.

In the UK meanwhile the FSA will not allow ANY short-sales - nice one England - congratulation you are now back to the 1970s with intervention, big government - I have neutralised short EURGBP as GBP will now go 1.000 vs the US Dollar if there is any justice in the world of trading.
It may be very opportune time for me to close the books and recharge - everything is now based on randomness not trading markets....

Best wishes to you all.

My personal e-mail:

Safe trading and good luck to all of you,


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