tirsdag den 17. februar 2009

But all endings are also beginnings. We just don't know it at the time.

Dear Investors,

I do not want to make to much fuzz about it all, but it has now be announced where I will start March 1st, I am so sorry for the "secrecy" but due to stock market regulations it was needed (I was told).. but here we go: http://tinyurl.com/dfunyq

For the full press release go to: http://drop.io/j4kkrol# password: steen

This blog will recommence shortly - and I will continue to write this if for no one else then myself.....

It is strange to be off the market, not having my funds anymore, but being a trader I have some personal stakes in the market and right now true to form I am:

Short the EURUSD (from 1.2800 again)

Short EURJPY from around here...

Short S&P

Long Gold.

It is a pitty that while I am on garden leave finally Europe caves in and tanks.... -

Obama meanwhile is making mistake after mistake .... let me say again: Obama is all about hope, not substance...watching the Geithner "show" last week reminded me why I have a sincere and deep distrust in bureaucrats - they have never had a "REAL JOB", the have never lost money, and they all seem to cheat either on their wifes or on taxes..... Want me to name the "cheats" in International top jobs ?

No, it is time for Volcker to get into action if Obama needs saving - Geithner lost Fed support, East Europe and indirectly Scandinavian banks going into tail spin - It is winter Ladies and the few gents - in season and in the economic cycle... it is time to bring out the warm cloth and get ready for the Icewinter.

On that happy note - safe trading and be...careful out there..


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