onsdag den 8. oktober 2008

Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem more afraid of life than death.

Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem more afraid of life than death.
James F. Byrnes (1879 - 1972)

Dear Investors,

S&P from here 800 or 1200? (click chart to get larger version)

We are in period which mildy could be said to be "volatile", but we are getting towards the total panic needed in every crisis. I will not try to be brave or give any advice but I will give you my scenario for this tumultous time.

  1. To stop this crisis the Government & Central Banks needs to get ahead of the curve not behind. This entails giving LARGER THAN exepected rate cuts, bigger than expected capital injections into banks - and redoing their communication policy - broadbased comments are not appreciate in a market market looking for laser-precise answers to the enigmas of the financial markets

  2. Adding stocks to my personal account going from 99.5% cash to 50% cash-I have been - remains 85% in cash in my funds- and in the PA account I have been 99.5% long cash - I have this morning added a number of stocks onto the PA account -( pardon this being danish stocks but my private bank does not seem to have noticed there is equity markets outside Denmark) - but I added: Danske @ 88.00, Novo @ 263, Maersk B @ 34.500. I have NO PREDICTIVE POWERS - but really - if you like me, have been 100% cash for the last year you need to start allocating somewhere... I am starting now (For disclaiming purposes I also added Danske & Barclays to my hedge fund accounts...)

  3. The outlook from here is a bifurcation: Either bounce to 1200-1300 or direct to sub-800......(check the chart)

  4. Carnage is fully pricing collapse now - remember a while back I wrote about this mechanical fund who in their September newsletter proclaimed: "It is dangerous to be in the market, it is even more dangerous to not be in the market!" - I kid you not that fund is now down 70% for the year - so my point is: The last of the "remain invested jerks" are disappearing - the financials market equivalent of a clown sorry joke: Jim Cramer wants to sell all my stocks and go to cash! (He is ALWAYS wrong - only beaten by Greenspan, who is the best inverse indicator ever)

  5. The policy reaction function is different in the US and Europe. One must acknowledge that Europe have greater power to do "UK like" baning bail-outs than the US - All options are open to Europe but due to the idiotic EMU construction it does lack European Treasury to co-ordinate anything - meaning it look and feels like piece-meal solutions, but at least they are not bounded by Congress. In the US Bernanke & Paulson are limited by needing broadbased political support - and we know how that works in the US --- or rather how that DOES NOT work - the US election cycle could... and I mean could mean we need to BUY EUROPE vs US - the trigger would be full fletched banking support in Europe which US can't copy ==> outflow from investors -- I am getting closer and closer to triggering UPSIDE EURUSD based on this.


Despite being almost the parma bear on this- I simply can not be NET SHORT stocks any longer , so... I remain 85% long cash, but I am now using the 15% to buy UPSIDE STRATEGIES... on S&P, USDJPY and banking shares........

In our Weekly Investment meeting we came up with three "premises" which one needs to learn, respect and understand:

  1. Cost of funding drives market & valuations (old fixed income theorem now moved into fx, equity and commodity)

  2. Price of liquidity essential and REAL PRICE (tax on money)

  3. No prior analogy historically will work (This is different, very different)

I will let Mark Twain end this blog: "I am more concerned with the return of my money than the return on my money".

Good luck,


Where is the Market Going ?

(click on chart to enlarge!)

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