tirsdag den 2. december 2008

Service in New York ? You kidding me?

Yes, it would have been a joke less than three month ago - but seems the crisis bites here - yesterday arriving in New York I had my taxi driver volentarily waiting for me while I checked in at the hotel before going to first meeting !!!!

I lived in New York for more than three years in late 1990s and never got anything but abuse day-in-day out!

Everything is 40/50% off on December 1st! Talk about crisis - and on top of that plenty of buy three pay for two deals ..... I am not the big shopper but this is close to bargain values.....

On the other hand something never change:I was "listening" to three New Yorkers discuss the world affairs and its striking how simple and full of themselves they are - Obama is "accepted" but only due to PC - political correctness - there is terrible jokes and one liners which not even I will commit to papers flying around - I must say all of the sudden I remember why I both hate and love New York.

It is great place to visit and the Americans are at large the nicest people but in a very strange way New Yorkers are the most "narrowminded" people I meet during my travels around the world. They make George from Seinfeld sound and look like a true globetrotter.....:


There is pain here, lots of pain, no one paying school fees, the Wall Street Trophy Wifes are unhappy - there is even rumors they are marrying for looks now! ----imaging sinking so low!

Paulson & Bernanke, aka The Muppet Show, goes on TV yesterday and the market sinks, and I mean sinks as they open their mouths - dealing rooms are "begging" and I mean "begging" them to shut up .........another new low for politicians and policy makers ? Absolutely! Please watch this old video:


Meanwhile in Fixed Income Land - there is massive fight in on- and off the run 10 year notes, the market makers sitting tight(long the papers) while the hedge funds and bond funds sits shorts the deliverable - there is sooooo much cheap, risk free arbritrage available - but NO ONE and I mean no one to do the deals due to lack of balance sheet - there is so big deals to be had that it screams to me that this market is far worse shape than anyone even willing to earn up to...... Fixed income could catapult itself this week - yes even after 6 figures move yesterday.....watch as we move into futures roll.....

Also redemptions continues:


Sitting next to senior executive in Pharma on the plane over - he was "desperate" in a positive way - saying there is NO WAY in Hell he could raise new money, but at the same time he was shown better deals than ever in his history as executive, so much so that he had hired senior banker to do his M & A - and that's fortunately the bright light here:

The well managed companies are starting to be shown the good deals - at least outside banking - meanwhile back in banking-land I keep getting pummeled for stating the obvious - banks should and will fail with or without protections from Governments - this is merely 6th inning (there are 9 innings in Baseball) - as my fellow traveler from pharma stated : I am a doctor I believe in evolution, the stronger must survive!



Still @ 75% cash/short-term fixed income, and applying the remaining 25% into NEGATIVE market views: short eurchf, short Stoxx50, long Stoxx50 puts, short EURUSD(still), short NZD in options, still down-side in Gold.......

We remain with our S&P500 in 500 and all Westerns world interest rates in ZERO....this is the 5th wave starting - the worst one......I have been on the road extensively last one month and there is only one uniform message: This stinks ........

Safe trading,


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