tirsdag den 5. februar 2008

Cyclical theme in place? EUR to come off from here?

As you know I have one of my strongest calls as "bying US dollar denominated assets" - there has been some interesting moves in the I-rate environment which could confirm some change is going on.....

A. cyclical moves - ECB rates dropping faster than US one - i.e US has started to cut, Europe only to start..
B. Relative move / Recoupling - Judging from headlines the rest of the world joining us on RECOUPLING now... i.e: US is ahead.. Europe behind on moves to remedy this "recession light"..

Chart 1: 10 y US rates minus 10y Europe (Direction of this spread opposite to expected EURUSD move).. (Click on chart for bigger version)

Chart 2 - EURUSD & 1y fwd expected rates in Europe minus US..... (Click on chart for bigger version)

Note: Very SHARP downmove. Market does not believe in Trichet when he talks hawkisk......

Chart 3: The EURUSD relationship is partly driven by interest rates, partby by stock market return. Below is the
Ratio of Dow to Dax - note how early last year is explained EURUSD moves better than interest rates.. (Click on chart for bigger version)

This weekend G7 meeting have US dollar on the agenda. Very few things, if any, is ever done on these conferences, but there is
growing believe in the "bad of weak US dollar" among the worlds central bankers. An important point, which should not be


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