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Monday morning quarterbacking

Dear Friends,

Well the market is back in 'jolly mode' - the lesson goes: Bad economics is good for stocks(WSJ article)- and easy money will last forever. (Where did we hear that before? Oh, yes - the "Greenspan" put)

Now we have the Geithner/Bernanke put - leading into the FOMC last week, there was 'rational' people like me, who thought maybe, just maybe the FOMC could see how they are now creating the exact same mistakes Alan-I-am-the-most-useless-centralbanker-in-history-Greenspan did, by promising the market NO hikes - whatever happens ....

Geithner said it best this weekend: "If we put the brakes on too quickly, we will weaken the economy and the financial system, unemployment will rise, more businesses will fail, budget deficits will rise, and the ultimate cost of the crisis will be greater," he told reporters in Scotland. "It is too early to start to lean against recovery."

Ok, let me get this straight: So if we continue spending tax payers money then: we will have smaller deficit, lower unemployment, less business failures, and smaller ultimate bill for resurrecting the world? If that does happen I will be playing for Denmark upfront in the next World Cup in soccer in South Africa next year (despite my 45 yrs and less than fit fitness level)

I will let the "picture stand" for a few minutes so you, yourself, can contemplate how deeply misguided the Treasury Secretary is in even the most basic economic-one-on-one!

Another headliner being thay Goldman Sachs not only depend on cheap government money, but apperently they are also doing the work of God - at least that's what the CEO Blankfein says: . Look I am a declared Agnostic, but with a firm believe in morale and the ten commandments, but telling someone you are doing the work of God is that on the border of blasfemi?

I refuse to be drawn into the discussion of what a serious CEO calling upon God in his defense for his industry does/tells me.... - as I remember a born again Christian President doing so for too long.......and the issue of everthing from Wars, violating individual rights......

The week-end did give some justification to my long held believe that over time justice will prevail:

 Warren Buffet got caught with his hands in the tax payers pockets, as he did not feel too big to take some tax credit from the US Government, making sure there is less money for the 10.2 mio. unemployed et al: and if you want facts, not CNBC hype maybe looking at this website could help level some of the God-like stature he likes to take upon himself.

Last week was by all accounts an extremely expensive week for me, if nothing else, it shook my confidence as the Friday last big down close confirmed my long held view that a top was in place Mid-October, now it seems we need the classic re-test of old highs to see if there is more momentum above those levels - most of my positions is now under water, although still some distance away from the allowed 5% loss, but time-decay is very expensive.

The strategy for this week, will be to observe, recalibrate, because despite my lack of income from the portfolio last week, it is abundently clear to me that the financial market lives in a Fantasyland.... so while the market tracks higher, I will leave the final verdict to beyond the old highs, as I do firmly believe 10,2% unemployment is AN ISSUE - if nothing else to the miliions of families presently losing their jobs around the world.

Screenshot - 09-11-2009 , 16_28_56.png

My believe in mankind, the markets are positive, but we need the "forest fire" first, and if in the process people will start calling less on God, have higher morale standards, less leverage, and everyone will see how destructive egoism is, then I will be very pleased. On the issue of inspiration I found this link on a truely remarkable man: His message is for the environment, but as a trader, a person, there is some very interesting lessons in this.....if only..

Safe trading,


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