mandag den 5. november 2007

If even super models shun the US dollar then...??

If even Supermodels are fading the US dollar then something is about to
change.... :-)

This week could be interesting because there is actually some key events and data; I am keeping firm eye on US trade, I expect massive improvement based on freight data....Non ISM today also interesting...bottom line; I m turning my main themes towards INFLATION, yes inflation:

If we use Phildelphia Feds Survey as gauge the inflation is rising and fast..... add to this gold + crude and something got to give...

Bernanke speaks on Thursday, and as dumb a.. as he is, even he has to understand that DEVALUING the US dollar endlessly will distort faith in US financial system, we are in my opinion on the EDGE of MAJOR US dollar crisis - I believe even the central banks starting to realise this when Dubai cant get workers due to peg vs US dollar, when China decides to STOP implementation of domestic Chinese investing into HK, when India needs to let their currency strengthen....

The bottom line; This Ponzi scheme is dependent on China stance on their currency, if they maintain weak Yuan we will hape hyperinflation in China & Asia, if they let currency go, there will be "wash out" of equity investors.... but a revaluation of Yuan ONLY way to keep the game going.. but as always mere Farmers son... steen

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