fredag den 15. juni 2007

Another one bites the dust...and another one

Friday, bloody it's not U2 and Queen I am refering to but my believe in new paradigm and my experiences in trading on Fridays!

CPI-core saved the day and market is flying into YIELD again! My generic modelsin carry are up 872bps in G-10 YTD and EMG carry passed 1009 bp for the year!

We exicted all our core views and turned long EURUSD and NASDAQ as our model indicates we could in the 5th wave for equities.

The fixed income market seems in balance and market is clearly short stock weightings. We will add some more on Monday should levels hold. NOw we are back at watching housing markets and I got feeling that the speculative areas have seen solid buying recently. I noticed Icahn bought in Florida real estate!

MTD: +5 bps, YTD 34 bps. Not good. Nice week-end

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